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Brown Coffee Company

San Antonio, Texas

Founded 2005
Owner Aaron Blanco
Head Roaster Aaron Blanco
Lead Barista Jerry Gonzales
Roasting Process Custom Built
Locations 2


At Brown Coffee Company, the mission is simple: to share the best coffees on the planet with everyone who loves great coffee. Brown’s premier coffee roaster believes that the best coffees don’t need certifications. A great coffee only needs a coffee roaster who will tell the story of its origin and of the people who have touched it along the way. It’s a mission that Brown Coffee Company owner Aaron Blanco takes seriously. The company buys more than 90% of its coffees directly from coffee growers in countries like Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and El Salvador through relationships fostered by Blanco and his coffee buyers.


Blanco started Brown Coffee Co. in his parent’s garage with a single roaster in 2005, and by 2010 he was roasting about 20,000 pounds of coffee beans annually. Along the way, he’d collected accolades from such places as Serious Eats (5 Small-But-Might Coffee Roasters to Seek Out May 2011) and Imbibe magazine (Less is More: Six small-batch roasters going big on taste). Brown has earned its reputation for fine coffee by seeking out Cup of Excellence winners and heirloom coffee beans, then roasting them to bring out the flavor nuances that tell the story of the coffee, the land and the work that went into achieving a perfect cup.


Brown’s roasting philosophy is similar to its buying philosophy—coffee has a story to tell, and the roast should enhance that story, not smother it. Brown Coffee Co. has always favored light to medium roasts which bring out the fruity, wild and unique flavor notes in the best coffees. Offerings from Brown Coffee Co. feature a seasonal collection of beans from such origins as Papua New Guinea’s Madan Estate, Kianderi Estate, Kenya, and Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala.



Wonderful coffee

(on Edlina Microlot, Finca Vista Hermosa)

May 17, 2012 | by jbviau

The advertised "salted caramel" aroma/flavor is absolutely there, and it's not subtle (at least not for the first week)! My wife easily picked it out in one sniff without any coaching. Really enjoyed these beans. I got into the bag after having finished 14 oz. of MadCap's Six One Six blend, which is currently a mix of two Guatemalans (Finca de Dios and a different lot of Finca Vista Hermosa); Brown Coffee's Edlina microlot blew that blend out of the water, truly. Update #1: I reordered this coffee recently (roasted 4/30) and found it had lost a step (NB: it seems I'm not the only one who's noticed). Specifically, the salted caramel aspect was absent. I'm docking a cup for this reason, though the coffee is still quite good. Not sure if what I experienced was due to age of the green coffee or a roast issue. Update #2: Aaron Blanco at Brown offered to try again and sent me a replacement bag of this coffee (roasted 5/14). The roast on this latest batch was better, unlocking more sweetness than I found in the batch roasted on 4/30. However, the salted caramel notes are still much more subtle than I reported originally back in February. As a result, the coffee has a simpler, cleaner flavor profile than I remember, but it's still delicious. I'd rate it 4.5 cups, but since that's not an option I'll go back to 5.

Simply Delicious

(on Edlina Microlot, Finca Vista Hermosa)

May 16, 2012 | by driver82

Round, smooth, well balanced. I like a more sharp and robust flavor, but this the coffee for those who just want a perfectly smooth and even, yet flavorful cup. Excellent.


(on Edlina Microlot, Finca Vista Hermosa)

January 26, 2012 | by BrownCoffeeCo

Thanks for your kind words around this coffee. We are in love with this coffee for all the reasons you gave in your review, and for many more. The Edwin Martinez family deserves big praise for doing such a careful job cultivating greatness at their farm year in and year out. Thanks again!

Salted Caramel

(on Edlina Microlot, Finca Vista Hermosa)

January 26, 2012 | by intrepid510

This is probably one of the best coffees that I have had in a long time, I was really happy to see that Brown has decided to start selling on Roaste as my past experience with their coffee was spectacular. As far as this one the shipping was quick ordered on a Monday morning, and it was in the mail that day and I got it Wednesday. I also really like the box is made to fit the size of the bag I think this reduces the chances of beans getting crushed in transit. Now the coffee, delicious. Seriously, the coffee smells like sugar and tastes even better. I have already taken the opportunity to make a few espresso shot (even tho it's offered as an espresso roast as well), Clever Dripper and Auto-Drip. In all of these methods I have found the coffee to be very nuanced with many different tastes over the course of the sip of the coffee. The basic break down is a nice subtle brightness upon the first taste then finished off with the salted caramel after taste. This is a very sweet coffee, it also held up well in the latte's I made with it. This is a winner and will not disappoint.

Just like description says

(on Edlina Microlot Espresso)

June 16, 2012 | by

Just like description says it has lots of brightness and acidity. It was nice change of pace from what I normally drink and mixing it milk really rounds it out.

Nice one

(on Edlina Microlot Espresso)

April 14, 2012 | by samuellaw178

I'd given this a try because there were some good feedback about this particular coffee and roaster. Plus, Guatemala is one of my all-time favorite single origin, especially Huehuetenango. The shipping was quick and came nicely packed. I have to confess upfront I am not a person that favors fruitiness/brightness so much. So, the first time I've tasted this Guatemala from Cremina pulled as a 12g short double, I was very surprised. The coffee was very citrusy sweet, but a little over the top with the brightness to my palate. But don't misunderstand, it's still a superb coffee with plenty of nuances and flavors. Letting it rest for days definitely had tamed the brightness a little. And I admit I didn't read the taste description before ordering and because I thought I wouldn't go wrong with Guatemalan SO from my prior experiences. But reading back the taste description from Brown coffee, they're definitely 100% right on spot with "Clean, bright and complex, a delicious espresso with notes of black cherry, papaya and sweet lemon zest" The coffee is great and the roast is nicely done too. The only fault was that I didn't pay enough attention to choose coffee that suits my preference. I will definitely be ordering from Brown Coffee, but on other coffee more to my preference style. Edit: I tried it again after letting it resting for more. The coffee is less bright as it was initially. It became more balanced now! Very excellent coffee! Changed my review to 5 cups. Definitely let it rest more to get the best out of it!


(on Edlina Microlot Espresso)

March 20, 2012 | by intrepid510

I have already had this lot roasted for drip coffee, and it was amazing probably the best coffee I have had this year. So it was pretty easy to try this one out as an espresso. This coffee is roasted a little darker than non-espresso optimized offering or so it seems. The salted caramel taste is gone, however that is not a bad thing. I have been making small milk drinks with since I got it, think total volume of the drink under 8 oz and the first sip reminded me of Orangina. A real sweet acidity, not the striking sharp acidity that can be found in a lot of brighter espressos. I have also liked it as a Clever Dripper, the coffee is a little more muted in the form and gives off some nice rich taste that isn't evident in the other roast. However, if I was going to be drinking this primarily as a drip coffee I would look at the non-espresso roast as both of them work really well for their intended purpose.

The date is 2/14/12, and it

(on Espresso One: Cottonwood)

February 14, 2012 | by intrepid510

The date is 2/14/12, and it shoud be noted that this is a seasonal espresso blend that changes with the beans the roaster has on hand. I was to commend the roaster/Aaron for getting this coffee to me, as the first package got lost in the mail and with only a quick note asking if he send it he took it upon himself to overnight another shipment to me. I really appreciate the attention to customer satisfaction. Now to the important part the coffee. I found this espresso blend to be a little on the bright side as there is a nice kick in the front, with carmels leaving a lingering taste. The blend is very solid. It does well as drip too, but again expect a little acidity in the cup. I found I liked it best in small milk drinks where the milk did not overwhelm the brightness of the coffee.