Barcelona, Spain

Founded 1952
Equipment Type Grinder


Jesus Ascaso is no stranger to excellent coffee and high-quality coffee-making equipment. The founding partner of Compak, makers of fine coffee grinders for commercial and home use, has been part of the espresso world since 1962, when he founded Ascaso, one of the most popular makers of espresso machines in Europe. He brought more than 50 years of coffee experience to the table when he founded Compak with the intent of creating and manufacturing coffee grinders worthy of being used by roast masters and lovers of gourmet coffee, both at home and in commercial settings.


To that end, Compak applies intense attention to every detail of its line of coffee grinders, and guarantees cold grinding, quiet operation and the versatility to set and select the precise grind settings to turn out perfectly ground coffee every time.


Compak coffee grinders are not just workhorses. The company has collaborated with some of the most prestigious designers in the world to create beautifully utilitarian devices, coffee grinders that give the impression of completely balanced elegance. Compak couples that impeccable design with consultation throughout the world of professional coffee, ensuring that each grinder contains features that make the preparation of coffee for brewing simple, intuitive and consistent so that every pull is perfect.


Compak uses only the highest-quality materials and assembles each coffee grinder by hand, one piece at a time, for the ultimate in quality control. The company offers a wide range of grinders to fit the needs of anyone from the dedicated home coffee gourmet to the high-pressure atmosphere of a busy coffee shop, restaurant or hotel kitchen. The materials used are all food-grade, and the components are designed to meet the most demanding safety and sanitary standards. Compak, as a company, has  obtained the ISO 9001 certificate, as well as certifications necessary to do business all over the world.


Compak is a vital part of the espresso and specialty coffee world and regularly sponsors coffee festivals, barista competitions and other industry events as part of its commitment to support the making of fine espresso around the world.



Ultimate conical

(on Compak K10 Fresh Espresso Grinder)

December 25, 2011 | by samuellaw178

This is one of the most craved grinder out there for conical burrs. They were said to give you best quality in the cups. If you go with this, you will almost never look back!


(on Compak K10 Fresh Espresso Grinder)

November 5, 2011 | by sontondaman

This conical burr grinder should make any barista happy!

68mm of Conical goodness

(on Compak K10 Fresh Espresso Grinder)

October 30, 2011 | by EricBNC

I like the taste from these large conical burr grinders - i like the taste from large flat burr grinders too. I hope this one comes back in stock soon.

perhaps the best home grinder out there

(on Compak K10 Fresh Espresso Grinder)

October 30, 2011 | by wakeknot

this thing is a beast and compares favorably with just about everything on the market!