Featured Roaster: Black Tap Coffee

Black Tap hit the coffee scene with their shop in historic Charleston, SC in 2012. Since then they've elevated the level of coffee in this wonderful city and have recently began roasting their own selections. They were named one of the best coffee shops in the US by Business Insider as well as Travel & Leisure. Craftsmanship and hospitality drive their company.

Coffee Trends

Every year, there seems to be more new and exciting trends emerging in the coffee world. From latte art to the flat white, there is always something different that follows in the coming year. Here are some of the trends that we see happening right now in 2015.


The Birth of Buddy Brew Coffee

Buddy Brew Coffee is an inspiring roastery and coffee bar that is dedicated to making the best coffee by using carefully sourced beans roasted fresh on-site. Their motto- Brew Good, Do Good- shows their drive to make a positive difference in the world, and they do this by sharing the gift of delicious and fresh coffee with everyone from coffee enthusiasts to coffee novices. But how did an admirable roaster like Buddy Brew get its start?


Free Shipping - Huckleberry Roasters

This week we introduce Huckleberry Roasters to the Coffee Kind selection. They offer both wonderful blends and single origins. We are offering free shipping on the entire Huckleberry selection ending Friday 3/13/2015. Free shipping will be automatically applied at checkout. 



End of the BV1800TH

Good things must come to an end. Unfortunatley this is the case for the Bonavita 1800TH coffee maker with the glass lined carafe. We just got word from our supplier that the 1800TH is no longer available and they are only offering the SS and new 1900 with stainless steel carafe. We have a few of the 1800TH left in stock, so if you've been on the fence about buying one now is the time to pick one of these up before they are gone. 


The Great Coffee Giveaway!

Do we have your attention now?! We’re so excited in fact that we went to our friends at the brands making some of our favorite coffee products to create a great coffee giveaway. We’re featuring products from Steve’s Paleo, Enduro Bites, Simple Squares, Pocket Fuel, Vigilant Eats, Health Warrior, and Stoked Roasters. Yours truly has also joined in the fun to give away a few Chemex Classic Wood Collar Coffee Makers.


Coffee and the Market: What Moves Prices

Jul 8 2014

In the last part of our Coffee and the Market series, we're taking a look at the various factors that can affect -- and are affecting -- the price of coffee. Some of them are a given. Others may surprise you.

Coffee and the Market: Specialty Coffee vs. Commodity Trading

Jul 8 2014

In the second part of our Coffee and the Market Series, we take a look at the differences between coffee traded as a commodity and specialty coffee bought outside the commodities market, why specialty coffee is worth the higher price and how the commodity coffee price affects the price of specialty coffee.

Coffee and the Market: An Overview

Jul 8 2014

Ever wonder who decides how much you pay for your coffee? The answer is a complicated one because coffee bean prices are driven by many different factors. If the latest headlines about coffee shortages and skyrocketing coffee prices have you in a panic, brew yourself another cup of coffee and relax. Here's a look at how the coffee market is structured and why the commodity market prices probably won't affect your specialty joe all that much.

Congratulations Kapo Chiu and Sweet Bloom

Jun 18 2014

We're sending out congratulations to Andy Sprenger and Sweet Bloom Coffee again. Want to know what they've done this time?


Two New Coffee Studies: Coffee Is Good for Your Eyes

May 26, 2014| by CoffeeKind


How's your eyesight? A new study carried out at Cornell University suggests that a cup of coffee a day may help reduce age-related retinal damage. It's just one more health benefit in a growing list of good things about coffee.

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Coffee: Americans Drinking Less but Better

April 28, 2014| by CoffeeKind


The National Coffee Association's annual National Coffee Drinking Trends Survey is out and the news is good for the specialty coffee industry. While American adults are drinking less coffee on a day to day basis, they're increasingly turning to "gourmet coffee." Here's what else the NCDT reveals about what Americans like in coffee.

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Our Kind of Spring Break: SCAA Symposium and Expo

April 21, 2014| by CoffeeKind


If we had our druthers, we'd skip the usual Spring Break haunts and make our way out to Seattle for the biggest annual homage to coffee in the U.S.A. The 2014 SCAA The Event kicks off Wednesday with a 2-day Symposium and continues through Sunday with exhibitions, interactive events and all the incredible coffee anyone could ever want crammed into one big weekend.

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Attend CoffeeCon to Sharpen Your Skills

March 20, 2014| by CoffeeKind

Coffee Con News

Where can you learn about coffee tasting from George Howell, try your hand at making coffee in an ibrik, sip the best specialty coffee in the country all day and check out the latest and greatest coffee equipment on the market -- plus have a chance to win great coffee prizes every hour -- all for just $20? CoffeeCON is coming to a city near you, and it's where you want to be if you're expanding your coffee knowledge and skills.

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UC Davis to Study the Science of Coffee in New Center

March 10, 2014| by CoffeeKind

UC Davis Coffee Center

UC Davis isn't satisfied with teaching engineering students about the mechanics behind making a good cup of coffee. It's going for the whole field. The newly founded Coffee Center at UC Davis hopes to eventually offer a major in coffee science, something that no other institution does.

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Portola Coffee Lab Hosts Big Western This Weekend

February 21, 2014| by CoffeeKind

Big Western Portola Coffee

We'll be rooting for Portola Coffee Lab in this weekend's upcoming Barista's Cup competition. Portola is hosting as well as competing in the Big Western Regional Barista championship, happening this weekend. We wish them luck!

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Passion House Coffee Inspires Chicago Charcutier

February 6, 2014| by CoffeeKind

Passion House Charcutier

A couple of weeks ago, we featured an interview with Chicago's Passion House Coffee Roasters. This morning, we were delighted to find another Passion House fan who is doing some very interesting things with his favorite coffee.

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2014 Good Food Awards: Congratulations to 1000 Faces and Metropolis Coffee

January 20, 2014| by CoffeeKind

Good Food Awards Coffee

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NPR: Coffee Myth-Busting: Cup Of Joe May Help Hydration And Memory

January 15, 2014| by CoffeeKind

Coffee Roasting

Do you avoid drinking coffee because you worry about dehydration? A new study may change your mind about that. That's just one new bit of info about coffee that you may not know yet.

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Are Coffee Prices Going Up or Down?

December 13, 2013| by CoffeeKind

Are Coffee Prices Going Up or Down
The headlines in one newspaper warn that coffee prices are going up because of a shortage of coffee, while another newspaper reports that the prices paid for Arabica beans are falling because of oversupply. Which one is true? Both, and here’s why.

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