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Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Lakewood, CO

Founded 2013
Owner Andy & Laurel Sprenger
Head Roaster Andy Sprenger
Lead Barista Caleb Sprenger
Roasting Process San Franciscan
Locations 1

2013 US Aeropress Champion

2012 US Brewers Cup Champion

2012 Runner-up World Brewers Cup

2011 US Brewers Cup Champion

2010 Roasters' Choice Winner

Certified Q Grader


If anyone knows specialty coffee in all its nuances and flavors, it’s Andy Sprenger. As two-time United States Brewer Cup Champion, 2013 US Aeropress Champion and Runner-up in the World Brewers Cup Championship, Andy has learned about coffee on the front lines. Andy brings more than 10 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, Q-cup certification and a true passion for coffee and its producers to Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, his newest venture in coffee.


In keeping with his respect for great coffee, Andy has built a team of coffee professionals who share his passion for coffee, the art of growing it, the craft of roasting it and the joy of brewing and drinking it. Sweet Bloom aims to roast each bean to its highest potential, accenting its unique flavors, bringing out its natural sweetness and highlighting all the nuances of aroma, flavor and mouthfeel.


Under Andy’s leadership, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters honors and celebrates coffee throughout its journey from bean to cup. Each coffee is carefully sourced from farmers who are committed to producing the very best coffee in the very best ways. The company works with millers, exporters and importers who share a commitment to delivering quality coffee at the peak of freshness and flavor.


For Sprenger, coffee is about connections and relationships, and Sweet Bloom intends to take the relationships in the direct trade/relationship coffee sourcing model to a deeper and wider level by connecting consumers with producers. The roaster plans to bring farmers to Sweet Bloom for cupping and evaluation, and to meet the people who buy and enjoy the fruits of their labor, helping to form tangible relationships between producers and consumers that will reach far more people than a few limited customers and buyers who can travel on origin trips.



Uninformed Commantary

(on Finca Maputo - La Perla, Ecuador)

January 11, 2015 | by wineguy

Well...For years now I've been a loyal and at times militant Starbucks fan. After CNN did a piece on Parisi coffee, I started to explore, "found" Coffeekind and Lauren and just had my first cup of freshly ground, freshly roasted coffee which puts Starbucks to shame. This coffee from Sweet Bloom Roasters tastes like you were there when it was roasted and as fresh as just caught Tuna Sashimi. Very fresh! The commentary about floral and citrus notes coming through is quite correct. I look forward to my next shipments and to learning more...Starbucks is now going the way of Dunkin Donuts...It's not really coffee.