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Baking with coffee

March 02, 2012" alt="Photobucket" border="0" width="400" title="Photobucket" />

We had a snowstorm last night (around 6 inches of the heavy, wet snow) and I was not in the mood to go grocery shopping for dessert. So I decided to be creative. I was given a Starbucks travel mug and their instant VIA coffee for Christmas.  I have powdered sugar, chocolate and puff pastry (from a semi failed attempt to make Beef Wellington). I do like to use instant in cooking so decided it would be a good time to experiment. I thawed out the puff pastry and cut the sheet into six strips. For the filling I mixed a package of the instant coffee (VIA French Roast), powdered sugar and powdered chocolate. There really was not a lot of measuring - I kept tasting until the bitter of the instant coffee did not taste bitter to me (the chocolate helped). I added a teaspoon of hot coffee to make a paste (sort of like frosting). Then put a teaspoon or so into the puff pastry slices and folded it over (like a dumpling). Into the oven at 350 for about fifteen minutes (until golden brown). Then a sprinkled a tiny bit of instant coffee granules on top. The mixture did leak a little but carmelized on the pastry which gave it a nice flavor.  I let them cool while out shoveling and had a nice, tasty treat waiting for me when I got back inside from shoveling. 



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