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Brats and coffee

March 31, 2012

Today's dinner was simple but delicious. I was making brats but instead of using beer (which is very good by the way) I used coffee. I prefer to make brats on the grill but I did not have any charcoal. So I went to plan b. I put the brats in a pan, added an onion, enough coffee so that the brats were not sitting in a dry pan (but not enough to boil them instead of pan frying) and flipped every five minutes until done. I did add more coffee each time I flipped them (as the coffee boiled down). I have done this with hamburgers. The hamburgers do pick up the coffee flavor more than the brats but still tasted good. The onions had a slight coffee flavor to them - subtle but good on the brats. When the brats were done I emptied most of the liquid from the pan then slightly toasted the buns in the pan. You can let the liquid boil down and use that on the brats while eating them. That is good too. 

The picture shows the brats and onions about halfway done. I was going to take pictures when they were finished but we finished them too quickly and I forgot.

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