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Coffee Inspired Playlists for Your Listening Pleasure

April 07, 2014

The coffee shop experience just wouldn't be the same without music. Over the years, we've discovered some of our favorite artists and bands after a barista played a cut or two from a new release at a local indie cafe. We can't be your favorite barista, but we thought we'd serve up a curated list of coffee-inspired music for you to sip and sing along with your next coffee experience.   We're providing two playlists in two different formats -- a YouTube version and a Spotify version. There's considerable overlap between the two, but each of them has cuts that the other doesn't offer. Both coffee-inspired playlists are eclectic blends of blues, ska, rock, pop, country, folk and other pieces that defy categorization. So pour yourself a hot cuppa Joe (you can reference our Brew Guides to help make that perfect cup), relax and savor the ultimate coffee shop blend.  

YouTube Coffee House Playlist

  It's a delicious coffee house blend featuring some Coffee Blues from Lightning Hopkins, Coffee Shop Girl from Dogs in Doublets and some Hot Coffee and Red Lipstick from Shannon Grissom -- and so much more, from bluesy to bluegrass. Enjoy!    


Spotify Coffee House Playlist

  Here's some more Music to Coffee By - can you tell how we like ours? Sit back, dig in and enjoy!     Want more? Enjoy our full Spotify Music to Coffee By playlist. While you're listening, take a few minutes to browse our collection of curated coffee and highly-rated coffee equipment. You've still got time for delivery before Easter or Passover dinner, but it's getting close!  

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