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Espresso Vivace: needing some Advice!

June 15, 2012


I'm pretty excited for my next coffee order from Coffee Kind to arrive. Although I have heard so much about Espresso Vivace Roasteria I have never actually get to try them before.  However, since it is offered here on Roaste, I decided to take a plunge and order two of their blends. And that was two days ago and right now I'm eagerly waiting for the arrival of the mail man as it is predicted to arrive today. 

Espresso Vivace is an interesting roaster mainly because of its owner David Schomer who might be the person who is responsible for the popularity of the temperature stable espresso machines such as the GS3. Schomer is a pioneer to is convinced that absolute temperature stability is nescessary for excellent espresso and for better or for worse is partly responsible to many modern temperature stable espresso machines.

With that said, espresso Vivace received many acrolates and are highly rated by Roaste's customers so that is why I want to try their coffee. Additionally, a few years back, reviewed the their coffee; while the opinions of the reviewers diverge quite a bit, I'm still extremly interested in what their coffee has to offer.

I have ordered their only two blends, the Dolce and Vita. Dolce was blended specifically for straight shot while their Vita blend is for milk drink.  From what I have gather from the internet forums, their blend is comfort food with lot of caramel and chocolate. However, I also read that their blends are notoriously difficult to dial in and when not done right can taste down right horrible. This I intend to find out! However, if any of you out there hav eexperience with these coffee, I would love to hear about them!

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