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Eva Solo Café Solo: How-to Guide

August 29, 2013

Think of this as a French press minus the plunge, yielding a cleaner cup with less sediment thanks to the innovative pour-through filter assembly.


Eva Solo Café Solo

Coffee nerd options:

Grinder, pourover kettle, scale, timer, thermometer

Recipe basics:

Brew time: 4 minutes

Temperature: 205 deg F

Grind setting: Coarse

Ratio: 1:16 coffee to water

Below measurements are interchangeable. For example, you can use 38 g of grounds to produce a 20 oz cup of coffee.

Café Solo size

Coffee measurement

Water measurement

.06 L

38 g

585 g

7 T

20 oz

1.0 L

64 g

995 g

12 T

34 oz

1.4 L

90 g

1375 g

18 T

47 oz

1. Add coarsely ground coffee to the jacketed carafe.

2. Add just enough hot water by pouring down the side of the carafe to fully saturate the ground coffee, stir gently, and allow the coffee to bloom for 30 sec.

3. Add the rest of your water, insert the metal filter assembly, then wait an additional 3 min. 30 sec.

4. Pour slowly, rotating the carafe 180 degrees toward the end as needed in order to fully decant into a mug or server.

5. Enjoy!

For further exploration:

  • To minimize heat loss during brewing, preheat your press and mug.
  • No grind is 100% consistent. If you feel your grinder is producing too many fine coffee particles alongside the target coarse particles and troubleshooting/upgrading the grinder isn’t an option, you might want to try removing the fines pre-brew using a sieve.

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