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Has hell frozen over?

May 14, 2012

I posted week or two ago that my wife had been experimenting with doing manual pour over with the Hario V60, and that she liked it. This was a huge step for someone that before this while really enjoying the fruits of my labor with brewing coffee would rather forego coffee if I was not present to make and would just toss in a tea bag in hot water instead. So another few events have happened that have me questioning things...

So lets take last night for example, my wife sampled a cup from the pot I made of the wonder Santa Clara coffee from AJ Coffee Co that I made up, and after her taste starts giving me cupping notes on the coffee. I believe her exact words were, "hmm what do you taste? I am getting bitter sweet chocolate with a little bit of fruit." Believe me my wife has always told me if the coffee was good or bad, but never to this extent. I am sure some of it had to do with the fact that the Warp Drive Espresso did nothing for either of us when it came to drip but still...

However, the most tell aspect of this new turning has probably been her wanting to visit Ritual Coffee Roasters shop at the Oxbow Market in Napa. We were there probably about a year ago as a nice little day trip, and we stopped in at the shop to taste some of their coffee. At the time my wife didn't really care to have anything besides a sip of mine. I guess she has a new favorite blog written by someone that lives in San Fransico and they visit Ritual quite a bit, and thus the new intrigue into Ritual Roasters.

The most surprising thing is that Ritual Coffee Roasters is about as third wave as it gets when concerning coffee roasts. Their roasts are probably the lightest of any commerical roaster out there that you are going to find. Heck, there is even a thread in uber-coffee geek forum Home-Barista asking if possibly the roasts the person is getting at Ritual is UNDER roasted.

How many times do you hear a coffee geek complain about coffee being roasted too light? I think you can probably count it on one hand. 

Anyway, it's an interesting development at my house to say the least, perhaps this is spurred on by the fact that my wife is having to savor the one cup of coffee she is limiting herself to per day since she pregnant. In any case it's a good development for me!

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