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Josuma Coffee - where Rocket Science Meets Espresso

November 22, 2011

/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/dsc_0012_mgs_resized_and_cleaned_comp_110811.jpg" align="right" height="259" hspace="10" width="220" />Where does Rocket Science meet Espresso?

In Josuma Coffee, recently added to ROASTe.

The owner of Josuma coffee is Dr. Joseph John,  a former nuclear scientist before opening Josuma Coffee. 

From talking with  him over nearly 2 years before he agreed to sell on ROASTe, I've noticed that he approaches espresso with the same precision and analysis as perhaps a nuclear scientists.

/wp/wp-content/uploads/files/uploads/47850482v2147483647_240x240_Front.jpg" align="left" height="240" hspace="10" width="240" />He engineered his product to produce a crema so tall that it sometimes needs a stir stick. 

He designed it to showcase coffee from India, a region sometimes not seen a ultra-premium like Kenya, Columbia, Ethiopia, Panama among other places.

India has been an up-and-coming region for coffee.  Formerly it was a robusta haven but increasingly coffee from Mysore, especially Monsooned Coffee have caught on among coffee aficionados.  The Mysore Monsooned coffee has literally been sun-dried (synonymous with "dry naturals") and then exposed to the monsoon rains, winds, and drying cycles.  This results in an ultra-mellow low-acid low-citrus coffee.  It's one of the beans in this Malabar Gold Supreme.

Josuma Coffee is currently exclusively on ROASTe in bags of roasted Malabar Gold Supreme.    Bags of GREEN Malabar Gold are sold nationwide to famous cafes for them to serve in-house.  Now exclusively on ROASTe, Malabar Gold Supreme is definitely a coffee worth exploring in my opinion.


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