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September 14, 2011

I always wonder if people are being paid to advertise products in their blog posts, so I wanted to address that directly...

I wanted to write a few words on products mentioned in this blog.  Roaste is very open in the blogs they allow us to write.  The writers of blogs here are free to mention other companies and recommend products that are not sold by Roaste.  Roaste, in fact, in no way controls any content of this blog (I assume they would not allow posts that were libelous or scandalous,  but it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to libel or incite scandal in a coffee blog). 

As for products, I am not paid by any company to endorse their products.  Roaste does have an agreement with blog writers that they get 50 ebeans for coffee related posts, but again they do not say it has to be a post about their products.

I do not intend this blog to be as much about individual products as about coffee and espresso in general, but I wanted to have a post making it clear that when I do talk about individual products I will only explicitly endorse products that I really like and that I will not profit at all based on the products I mention either by mentioning them or by people buying them.

Roaste does put products at the bottom of the page, but I can pick those and I will make sure that they are indeed products I like.

I also will try to as often as possible restrict to talking about products that I have used extensively.  If am going to talk about a product that I have not directly used I will say so explicitly so that people will know what I am basing my opinion on.  One of my next posts, for example, will be on the cheapest way to make good espresso and that will involve an espresso maker that I haven’t used personally, but that is supposed to be quite good and I will explain why I believe it is a good choice when I do that.

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