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My experiment with iced coffee

July 06, 2010

Recently on the Roaste Facebook page an article was posted about making iced coffee the "cold" way. This  intrigued me. The formula given is 1/3 cup ground coffee beans to 1 1/2 cups of water (can be doubled or tripled). This interested me because I love cold coffee. I made a pitcher of it last night and let it sit for fourteen hours before the temptation overtook me and I had to try it. I put the grounds in last and stirred (the grounds of course floated to the top). I used Armeno Coffee's India Mysore Nuggets


/files/u3/196048012_423d7bdbd1_m_1_.jpg" alt="Iced coffee (source: kanko)" title="Iced coffee (source: kanko)" align="right" height="180" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="240" />I was not sure how good this would taste when I brought the pitcher out of the fridge. I was not crazy about the smell. To me it smelled stale. A nice foam has formed overnight (I again could not resist the temptation so I tried it - yum!). I stirred and waited for the grounds to settle (the foam had reformed).


I then realized I did have a problem - I could not find my mesh strainer. To counter this I slowly poured the coffee  into a carafe (trying to keep as many grounds as possible in the original container). I then used the basket of my coffee maker as a strainer. I (slowly again) poured the coffee into the basket, waited for the coffee to drip into the carafe then added more. 


After what seemed like a long time (it probably went faster than I thought) I got to sample. During this time my father was going through his ritual to make his normal hot morning coffee (we have two coffee makers that we use - sometimes at the same time). Both the hot and iced coffees were ready around the same time. He used the same coffee for making hot coffee that I did for making cold. 


I was pleasantly surprised by the iced coffee. The "stale" smell was gone and instead I has the very appealing smell of fresh coffee (I really need a perfume that smells like that). It was very mellow and not as strong as I thought it would be. I tried it and my father's hot coffee side by side. I used more coffee to make the iced version but they tasted pretty close.

I decided to take the experiment a bit farther. I warmed up some of the iced version.I wanted to see how heatingcold made coffee would compare to chilling hot made coffee. It tasted just as good hot. 


I am happy with the results of my experiment.  I am not sure how often I will do it - it takes more coffee than the  hot version but it is an option. If I had known about this the time I went camping I would have made coffee this way then. I will keep it in mind for the future.  I do want to experiment with other coffee types (and amounts of coffee used) to see if that will make a difference. 

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