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Oklahoma City Coffee Shops - Vintage Timeless Coffee

October 12, 2011

Vintage Timeless Coffee is a café in Edmond Oklahoma, a small town adjacent to Oklahoma City. I like this place, but I will admit that its more because of the vibe I get from it than from the coffee. I will admit that I had low expectations going into this place; it’s a part of a strip mall and the East Coaster in me still finds it tough to get used to the fact that small, independently owned, businesses can be located right next to FedEx store or something like that. When I first walked in I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming it felt, from the couches to the artwork to the ubiquitous bulletin board, filled with ads for local art shows and zombie walks and so on. I will admit that the espresso I ordered was unimpressive; it came from a super-automatic machine and tasted over extracted. I did see that they had a single group Astoria machine sitting on the counter, and when asking the barista about it he said that they were finally going to switch from the super-auto to the semi-auto. I’m still kind of skeptical, the fact that they are upgrading to a single group machine tells me that the place is more in the business of selling a fun place to hang out rather than a place to go for a serious cup of coffee.

While the coffee wasn’t exactly spectacular I will give them credit for pointing me to a couple of local roasters and to a company that may have prosumer grade espresso machines available to play with. I definitely want to get some hands on experience before I order a machine online.

My second time at Vintage (yes, I went back, the place is close to my work and on the way from my dry cleaners!) I got a latte. Again the machine was the super-auto, and the Astoria was still sitting on the counter, and again the coffee was disappointing (although I admit that the super-auto did a fair job steaming the milk!).

I plan on coming back to this place in a few weeks; I hope that the Astoria is set up and that they can provide a higher quality shot of espresso then.

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