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Pourover: How-to Guide

August 31, 2013

Another simple, classic device for brewing clean, sediment-free drip coffee. Pourover is a general category of devices in which water is poured through the brewer and coffee continuously drips down. The devices include the Hario V60 (shown here), Beehouse, Kalita Wave, and many more.


Pourover, paper or cloth filters

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Coffee nerd options:

Grinder, pourover kettle, scale, timer, thermometer

Recipe basics:

Brew time: 2-3 minutes

Temperature: 205 deg F

Grind setting: normal drip

Ratio: 1:18 coffee to water

Below measurements are interchangeable. For example, you can use 8 g of grounds to produce a 5 oz cup of coffee.

Sample recipes:

Filter size

Coffee measurement

Water measurement


8 g

145 g

1.5 T

5 oz


16 g

290 g

3 T

10 oz


32 g

585 g

6 T

20 oz

1. Place your filter in the pourover cone and rinse it well with hot water in order to reduce any papery taste and warm the vessel.

How to Make a V60 Coffee Step 1

2. Add coffee grounds. The desired grind will depend somewhat on the type of pourover cone you’re using; for details, see below under “for further exploration.”

How to Make a V60 Coffee Step 2

3. Add just enough hot water to fully saturate the ground coffee and allow the coffee to bloom for 30 sec.

How to Make a V60 Coffee Step 3

4. Carefully pour remaining water with the goal of reaching your target brew weight/volume within an additional 2-3 min.

How to Make a V60 Coffee Step 4

5. Decant into your favorite vessel and enjoy!

How to Make a V60 Coffee Step 5

For further exploration:

  • Feel free to experiment with pouring technique. Whichever technique you settle on, keeping your grounds evenly saturated with water is important.
  • Spiraling in or out, pouring back and forth
  • Pouring continuously vs. in pulses/stages
  • Avoiding the edges of the filter vs. washing them once or twice
  • Many people find that the Hario cone—mostly due to the size of its single exit hole—requires a finer grind and is more sensitive to pouring technique. The other cones, in particular Beehouse and Kalita, are considered easier to get a consistently good cup from.
  • Many cones come in two sizes. For single-cup brewing, we typically recommend the smaller models (e.g. Hario V60 01, Kalita 155).

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