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Espro French Press Stainless Steel - 32oz (8-cup)

The French press has long been lauded as the perfect method for making coffee, allowing coffee to be immersed in water then strained with a plunger filter. The Espro press represents the first significant upgrade to the press brewing method in decades. It uses a unique metal micro-filter to filter coffee twice, preserving the flavor by letting coffee oils in and keeping coffee grit and fines out.

Designed For Excellence In Brewing 
The Espro press uses the immersion method that extracts the fullest, purest flavors from coffee by fully mixing the water and coffee grounds. The vacuum-insulated double-wall brewer maintains the precise brewing temperature for optimal extraction.

Innovative Filtering For A Clean, Full-Bodied Cup
Espro’s unique filter design uses two-stage filtration to trap grinds and filter out even the finest coffee sediment to produce a clean cup. Because the filter screens are metal rather than paper, they allow the flavorful coffee oils into your cup, delivering both full body and flavor.

Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Tall, slim and gleaming, the stainless steel Espro press looks as good on the table as the coffee tastes in your cup. The double-walled vacuum press pot keeps your coffee hot after brewing, so you can take your time enjoying your first cup and have a second cup waiting and ready.


  • Double fine mesh filter delivers a clean cup with full body.
  • Insulated press body maintains proper brewing temperature.
  • Stainless steel construction – never break your press again.
  • 8-cup (32-ounce).


  • French press flavor without the sediment in your cup.
  • Insulated press keeps your coffee hot during and after brewing.


  • The coffee may be hotter than you’re used to with a French press, thanks to the superior thermos construction.

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